HAVING FAITH in things we cannot see, is challenging in the simplest of times. On top of that, the current climate has us constantly accessing statistics, stories, images, beliefs and experiences from our environments, our social media, our memories, or our friends and families, that may not align with what deep down we hold as possible for ourselves, our future or our awakening planet.


QUANTUM PHYSICS has proven that every word, and thought is a frequency that has the power to heal or to harm. If you are in the habit of "telling it like it is", or 'facing the facts', you may be keeping yourself mentally, physically and emotionally grounded in unwanted realities and experiences. 


BY CHOOSING to focus on narratives that reflect your soul's desires, fuel your imagination, and activate your emotions, you will raise your frequency and gain access to higher timelines and possibilities.
There has never been a more important time to take responsibility for our energy output. By doing so we intentionally participate in our individual and collective expansion and ascension towards a new life and a New Earth. Anything becomes possible.


If you would like to...

  • Replace the constant chatter and focus more on possibilities than problems.
  • Raise the frequency of the narratives that are guiding your reality.
  • Navigate your challenges with more clarity and intention.
  • Amplify your soul's desires with heartfelt words and images that raise your vibration.
  • Anchor timelines of your choice.
  • Participate more fully in your personal and the planetary ascension.

Join Veronica Ciandre, founder of iSOLA Jewelry, for a virtual workshop and conversation to help you turn your words into MEDICINE, create an inspired personal NARRATIVE, and activate a timeline that nourishes your soul. 


Workshop includes...

  • A 4-step process that engages your mind, your heart and your imagination, to move you in a direction that lights you up in the areas of life you choose to focus on. 
  • The materials and time to make your own Phi-Mala (no hand-knotting required).
  • Introduction to the Fibonacci Sequence (Phi-Ratio) and the benefits of meditating on the pattern.
  • Meditation using your Phi-Mala.
  • Introduction to 'Timeline Jumping'
  • Introduction to the 'Golden Breath'                                     

MALA: Sanskrit for a garland or a rosary. It is a circle of beads used during meditation to help you stay focused on a chosen word, affirmation, or mantra. Phi-Malas are based on the Phi-Ratio or the Fibonacci Sequence. 

Your Phi-Mala kit will be shipped to you once registered. 






LOCATION: Zoom or In Person


$225 + Shipping

Cost includes Mala making materials, a pocket Moleskine journal, a fine Sharpie pen, and a cotton pouch.



Cost for workshop without the Mala making.