All iSOLA Jewellery is handmade in small batches in Toronto, Canada by Veronica Ciandre & Co.

My passion for creating modern, sacred, jewellery developed in response to an environmental illness,and the desire to support my recovery with the subtle healing frequencies attributed to various semiprecious stones and crystals, and I continue to provide the same for those who resonate with the jewellery.


Unlike precious gems and metals, due to their higher value, it remains very difficult to trace the source of semiprecious beads from mining to making jewellery, or to find a bead supplier who is approved as Fairtrade. 

iSOLA narrows the field of possibilities by asking questions, and narrowing the sources from which we purchase, while maintaining a level of variety.

Balance: The energetic clearing, sacred geometric pattern, and vibration raising practices that go into every iSOLA piece, remains retroactive in its ability to at the very least, create change at the quantum level until it is reflected on every level.