• Image of Double Infinity Aquamarine Mala 88

*One of the most loved iSOLA Malas**

The 88 bead mala carries the vibration of both the Fibonacci Sequence, which facilitates the resonance of harmony, balance, alignment & beauty, and the double infinity (88), which represents perfection and dualism, the unity of masculine and feminine, and unlimited possibilities.

The healing properties of Aquamarine is amplified by the use of the sequence, and it includes a16mm Shungite sphere along side the 3 1/2” tassel.

Approx 47" in length.

Courage & Self Expression. Clarity of thought & assimilation of knowledge. Soothes emotions. Aligns Chakras. Enhances Aura. Release old patterns

Purification, Restoration. Growth. Positive change. Super conductor. Grounder. Neutralizes effects of EMF's & Radiation. High Vibration

A sacred sequence of numbers that facilitates the resonance of harmony, balance, alignment & beauty. Has a resonant and healing effect on DNA. Amplifies the properties of stones in the sequence.

Option*** All Malas are available with Shungite at the collar section of the sequence for maximum skin contact, as well as in the 3 and 5 section of the beading pattern.

The White Tasseled Aquamarine Mala is always made to order.
All Malas are hand-knotted

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