Please remove before bathing, showering or swimming.

It is recommended that you cleanse all crystals and stones on a regular basis, -

My favorite and simplest method is to place on a windowsill in direct sunlight about once a week if you wear every day, or whenever you feel necessary.

Also placing in a bowl of dry sea salt over night.

Leaving on top of a crystal that does not require cleaning, i.e. amethyst, quartz crystal, check online for other crystals of this sort, because you may already own one.

Shungite:  Due to the fact that Shungite transforms instead of absorbing negative or toxic frequencies, frequent cleaning is not necessary, in fact shungite helps to clear any crystals in it's vicinity. However, occasional time spent in direct sunlight,  in touch with the earth, or under running water can only help.

Be aware when wearing the long necklaces or malas that have a crystal or Shungite stone at the end, that if you lean forward and it swings and hits a hard object like a fridge, bathtub or stove (based on experience) you’re crystal could chip or crack, so stay aware. Crazy me chose to clean the bathtub wearing 42” necklace with quartz crystal, and although it survived, it was forever changed. Needless to say I tuck or remove before cleaning house.

When not in use, store your crystal necklace preferably in the organza pouch it came in to keep it from clashing onto and rubbing into other objects as well as dust free. Alternatively it may also be nice to hang it somewhere in your living space.


Within the first year, all bracelets are repaired for free, you just have to get it to me and cover the cost of shipping if necessary, or added parts if necessary.

Fees for repairs on other pieces are dependant on what kind of damage, structural or accident etc. and if added materials are necessary.

Broken Mala: 

 It can sometimes be quite jarring when something like this breaks, especially if it is a part of our daily wear and use. Sometimes out of nowhere it seems to open up and you find a bead falling to the floor.  Believe it or not, it is considered a positive thing when a Mala breaks. Below is a few statements about the message a broken Mala brings.

  * When a mala breaks it can mean you have just cleared a karmic debt.

  * A Mala breaking represents a breakthrough... the learning of an important lesson that you are ready to move forward.

  * When a mala breaks, it means its medicine has done it's job. Some will choose to repair and reactivate it, and others will choose to let it rest. 

  * The history and tradition of mala beads believes that if your mala breaks, it represents karma breaking or a breakthrough. This is not a bad thing, but rather a positive sign of progression. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me, I would be happy to hear from you  so we can take the steps to make it whole again.