• Image of Men’s Elliot Moldavite Acceleration
  • Image of Men’s Elliot Moldavite Acceleration
  • Image of Men’s Elliot Moldavite Acceleration

Moldavite carries an intense frequency and is a fusion of earthly and extraterrestrial energies.
For many It has life altering capabilities, and the profound ability to accelerate ones personal and spiritual evolution.
Works well with other crystals and stones to raise the vibrational level of all healing, especially with grounding stones.

Combined with the healing and grounding of Shungite Stone, and the resonance of harmony, balance, alignment and beauty, due to the use of the Fibonacci Sequence, and the clean elegance of Sterling Silver marker beads.

Absorbs negative frequencies. Restores balance to the body at a deep physical level. Boosts immunity. Restores emotional equilibrium. Transforms stress into a potent energetic recharge. Transforms water. Neutralizes effects of EMF's & Radiation.

High vibration. Acceleration. Evolution. Light. Release. Anti-Aging. Higher Self. Healing.

The resonance of harmony, balance, alignment & beauty. A resonant and healing effect on DNA. Amplifies the properties of stones in the sequence.

Size Medium - 7 1/4"
Size Large - 7 1/2" - 3/4'
Available in Sterling Silver or 14k Gf.

Elliot Wave Principle: Named after Ralph Nelson Elliot, it is a form of analysis used by finance traders to analyze and forecast market trends and cycles using the Fibonacci Sequence. By using the Elliott Wave Principle, one could identify the highest probable moves with the least risk.

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