• Image of Infinite Love Wrist Mala
  • Image of Infinite Love Wrist Mala

8mm White Coral and Black Onyx Infinity Wrist Mala with 925 Sterling Ring of Love, and Shungite Sphere.
Now available in various stones. Check drop-down box below, and refer to Healing Properties page for list of properties.

White Coral ~ Confidence. Communication skills. Boosts immune system. Regeneration. Increases positive emotions.

Black Onyx ~ Grounding. Inner strength. Endurance.

Shungite: Purification, Restoration. Growth. Positive change. Super conductor. Grounder. Neutralizes effects of EMF's & Radiation. High Vibration

“Infinity” is the name given to all pieces that use the Fibonacci Sequence in the beading pattern. Increases harmony, balance and alignment with life, surroundings and purpose.

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